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Automatic Egg Cleaner: Small Farm Egg Washer

Date:2020-8-26      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg cleaning machine has many types, and different types are suitable for different scenarios. This article mainly introduces the Small farm egg washer, so that you can fully understand the egg cleaning machine, and then choose a suitable egg cleaning machine.

How does a small agricultural egg cleaner clean dirty eggs?

The “dirt” on dirty eggs is usually fertilizer. Therefore, dirty eggs are likely to cause feces to fall into the frying pan. The outside of such an egg is obviously full of bacteria. Therefore, dirty eggs deteriorate faster than non-dirty eggs.

If the cleaning process attracts live bacteria to the inside of the egg, the egg will deteriorate as fast as or even faster than the dirty, unwashed egg. If the cleaning process keeps bacteria on the surface or kills them, or both, the rate of deterioration of cleaned eggs will be as slow as, or even slower than, eggs that have never been soiled.

Small Farm Egg Washer

When cold water is used as part of the process, the cold water will make the eggs cold and the contents of the eggs will shrink. To fill this space, air, water or dirt is sucked into the egg through the holes in the eggshell.

Automatic Egg Cleaner: Small Farm Egg Washer

However, if the water is warmer than the eggs, it will cause the contents of the eggs to swell, and air, water, or dirt will be squeezed out of the pores of the eggs into the washing water.

So pay attention to the following two points: always wash the eggs in warmer water than the eggs, and disinfect the eggshell to kill any bacteria on the eggshell. Remember to operate according to this, then the eggs can be cleaned safely.

For wet cleaning eggs, we can divide them into immersion cleaning machines and spray cleaning machines. Immersion washing machines are very cheap. Sprayers are better but more expensive: they can process more eggs per hour and make them cleaner.

An immersion washing machine will wet the eggs. Before drying, do not pack them in a carton, otherwise, they will stick. But immersion cleaning will warm the eggs, even in the basket, they will quickly dry out, but the eggs will come into contact with each other, with small wet masses.