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Automatic Egg Cleaner Machine: Methods to Reduce Egg Breakage Rate

Date:2020-8-25      Author:Egg washing machine

When using an automatic egg cleaner to clean eggs, it is inevitable that damage will occur. At this time, you should think of ways to minimize the damage rate of eggs and increase the probability of successful egg washing by the egg washer.

How to reduce the breakage rate of eggs in the egg washing machine?

A reasonable egg washing process can effectively reduce the egg washing breakage rate. For example, a mechanical scale that weighs the eggs before washing will weigh the eggs one by one, and the eggs of different weights will fall into different areas. The operator can Then collect the eggs on the egg tray. Not only does it reduce labor costs, but the uniform size can effectively prevent damage to the eggs.

Egg Cleaning Machine Egg Processing Equipments

Eggs are easily damaged by bumps, but they are much safer in water. Then if the automatic egg washing machine can put eggs in the water, it can effectively prevent the collision between the eggs, thereby reducing the possibility of damage.

Many eggs are not damaged during the cleaning process. There are many reasons for the damage of eggs because other reasons have been damaged before the eggs are washed, which requires attention to quality when purchasing eggs.

The reason for egg cleaning: Eggs are produced from the cloaca of laying hens, and intestinal microbes will adhere to the surface, which will infect a large number of pathogenic bacteria in the polluted environment. Sampling investigations show that a small number of eggs carry Salmonella on their surfaces, and a large number of eggs have serious Escherichia coli on their surfaces.

Microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria on the surface of the egg will enter the egg through the numerous stomata on the eggshell and multiply, which will seriously affect the quality of the egg and cause harm to the eater. The way to prevent eggs from being contaminated is to quickly clean and disinfect the eggs after they are laid to kill harmful bacteria. Remove its pollutants, eliminate a variety of bacteria and harmful substances that are inevitable in the production process of poultry.