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Automatic Egg Breaking Machine: the Function of the Egg Break Machine

Date:2020-9-1      Author:Egg washing machine

The automatic egg breaking machine is specially designed for breaking eggs. It is made of high-quality stainless steel. There are two types: one can break the eggs, the other can not only break the eggs but also separate the egg yolk and egg white automatically. The egg yolk will not be damaged. You can choose the one that suits you. Our egg breaking machine is the best choice for producing food-related to egg liquid.

automatic egg breaking machine

Duck eggs and goose eggs are a common food in daily life. Most families use a manual egg-breaking method to break the raw eggs. Specifically, the raw eggs are broken by the edge of the bowl or other sharp edges. The hand breaks the egg from the gap to realize the operation of breaking the shell.

Automatic Egg Breaking Machine: The Function Of  The Egg Breaking Machine

However, in this method, human hands need to be in contact with the egg liquid, and the eggshell is also prone to fragments falling into the egg liquid. The surface of the eggshell contains chicken manure and other substances containing more bacteria, which can easily contaminate the egg liquid and break the eggshell. It is also extremely difficult to take out in the viscous egg liquid, so this method of breaking eggs is extremely unhygienic.

This is the reason why Lijun Machinery Manufacturing Plant produces automatic egg breaking machines, which can improve the hygiene of food to a large extent while freeing hands and reducing the output of labor costs.

Automatic egg breaking machine function:

The automatic egg breaking machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets hygienic standards and is clean and hygienic. The two types of egg yolk and egg white can be separated or not. You can choose according to the effect you want. Each egg has an independent inspection system, and the eggshell is almost no residual egg liquid.

High efficiency, reliable working process, long service life, easy operation of the automatic egg breaking machine, variable speed control, labor-saving, only 2-3 people can operate, automatic eggshell collection, automatic egg washing cup function, keep the environment clean and correct egg products are pollution-free.