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Auto Egg Washer Machine: Egg Wash Spray

Date:2020-8-22      Author:Egg washing machine

The whole machine of the automatic spiral egg washing machine is made of stainless steel, and the equipment adopts unique programmable control technology to ensure “fast cleaning”, “cleaning”, “stable egg delivery”, and “continuous egg delivery” during the production process.

How to operate the egg washing machine to be better used?

automatic egg washing machine equipment

Pour the eggs into the upper egg water tank. The spray device in the water tank will initially clean the eggs.

After the eggs enter the automatic egg washer, they will continue to roll in the water under the push of bubbles and water flow and will continue to advance along with the push of the mesh belt. There is also a special nylon brush in the water, which can be gentle, fast, and effective Brush off all kinds of attachments on the surface of the eggs to effectively clean the eggs.

After the initial cleaning, the conveyor roller of the water tank will sequentially transport the eggs to the automatic egg washing machine, and then the spray device and brush will thoroughly clean the eggs.

After two items of washing, the clean eggs will be transported and transported to the egg collection tank or the egg collection workbench, and then the staff can collect the container.

The eggs cleaned by the egg washer enter the 6-row air-drying and brushing system. First, the brush will quickly dry most of the water on the eggs. The heating system provides constant temperature flowing hot air to quickly dry the eggs and sterilizes the eggs with ultraviolet lamps, and then passes through 6 rows through the inspection, abnormal eggs such as broken eggs, black eggs, double yolk eggs, etc. can be detected, which are manually removed. After the eggs are output to the packaging belt conveyor, workers collect the bags on both sides for the next vacuum packaging process.

Features of automatic egg washing machine equipment:

1.  Automatic cycle, imitating manual egg washing, the whole “egg washing” process runs automatically and continuously.

2. The egg delivery is stable, the automatic egg washing machine adopts automatic control, and the egg delivery speed is uniform and stable.

3. It has a wide range of uses, reduces the need for labor, and can be applied to the egg food processing industry.

4. The speed is adjustable, and the production capacity can be adjusted according to actual needs.

5. Fast loading and unloading, sophisticated mechanism, easy loading, and unloading of the whole machine parts and components.

6. The operation is simple, the function is clear, the operation panel is simple and easy to operate.

7. Easy to clean, the automatic egg washer is made of stainless steel and can be rinsed with clean water.