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Aquamagic Egg Washer Machine: Automatic Egg Washing Machine

Date:2020-8-26      Author:Egg washing machine

The egg cleaning process can be fully automatic cleaning, with the characteristics of fast, clean, convenient, accurate, and electronic quality classification. The egg washing machine can automatically arrange translucent test eggs, and automatically spray detergent and warm water. It has a hot air drying system and a microcomputer automatic monitoring function, which is convenient for the modernization of enterprise management.

Clean egg processing companies, food processing companies, and incubation industries must have this kind of automated high-intensity model. LIJUN Machinery Plant egg cleaning machine can clean eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, etc.

automatic egg washing machine

Eggs are one of the best sources of nutrition for human beings. Eggs contain a large number of vitamins and minerals and proteins with high biological value. The protein quality of eggs is second only to breast milk. For products, qualified and assured eggs are the products that consumers demand. Egg cleaning machines and egg cleaning equipment can effectively clean the stains on the surface of eggs. Egg cleaning and grading machines are indispensable products in the egg production line.

Process and description of the automatic egg washing machine

1. When washing the eggs, you can pour the whole basket of eggs into the pool, because the buoyancy of the water will not cause damage
2. When the eggs fall into the bottom of the pool, the conveyor roller will automatically arrange them into a single row and transfer the eggs from the water to the single-row washing machine.
3. The hair roller brush is equipped with a spray device at the same time, and duck eggs, clay eggs, dust eggs, etc. can be cleaned
4. The cleaned eggs enter the water tank to collect the eggs