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Advantages of Egg Powder

Date:2021-2-19      Author:Egg washing machine

Egg powder refers to a dried egg product made from fresh eggs through beating, separation, filtration, homogenization, pasteurization, and spray drying. Egg powder They can be whole eggs containing white and egg yolk, or powder containing only white or egg yolk. Egg powder has many advantages.

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1. Egg powder is rich in nutrition

Egg powder is rich in DHA and lecithin, which is beneficial to the development of the nervous system and body, can nourish the brain, improve memory, and promote liver cell regeneration; egg powder contains more vitamin B2 and other trace elements, which can be decomposed and oxidized The carcinogens in the human body have anti-cancer effects; the protein in egg meal can repair liver damage; egg meal has low-calorie content, so it is a healthy substitute for weight loss.

2. Egg powder has little bacterial contamination

The egg powder manufacturing process requires pasteurization and spray drying. Due to the drying process, the bacteria are killed, and the risk of bacterial contamination due to improper handling is greatly reduced, and the cleaning time is also shortened. Therefore, egg powder is safe to eat. To make egg powder, an egg liquid separator and an egg liquid filter must be used. They can provide you with high-quality egg powder, egg white powder, and egg yolk powder.

3. Cheap egg powder

Egg powder is usually very cheap. The cost of buying powdered eggs is much lower than buying the same amount of fresh eggs. Because of this advantage, they are widely used by food manufacturers and restaurants to make dishes and
Baked goods.

4. Egg powder has a longer shelf life

The shelf life of egg powder is longer, and it can be stored properly. It is not necessary to store eggs in a cold storage area. All you need is a cool to medium temperature and a dark cabinet or cupboard.
Often, refrigerated storage is not very important for egg powder.

5. Small storage space required for egg powder

Dried eggs require much less storage space, so they can be supplied in large quantities in a relatively small space. Eggs can be added to baking recipes in powder form without mixing them with liquids in advance.

To make egg powder, you need to use liquid egg processing machines and egg liquid filters. They can provide you with high-quality egg powder, egg white powder, and egg yolk powder.

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Advantages of Egg Powder