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​8000pcs Whole Egg Breaking Machine

Date:2020-8-20      Author:Egg washing machine

  1. Specification: LJ-QQ8
  2. Equipment description

The equipment is made of SUS304 food-grade stainless steel, stable in quality. Easy maintenance, improve the work efficiency, low the labor cost-effectively

  1. Components of the equipment 
 Egg water tank  loading
 Cleaning /drying (Optional)

Powder :220v/750w

 Egg breaking machine

Capacity :8000 eggs/h

It is equipped with eggs from water tank –  – – simple strong wind drying – – – – egg knocking – – separating egg liquid from the eggshell. The egg liquid is the ideal equipment for baking enterprises. At the same time, it can cooperate with pasteurizer to produce qualified whole egg liquid,

The way of knocking eggs: After the eggs in the egg clip are knocked by metal, the lower part of the egg opens, and the egg liquid falls into the egg tray. The automatic knocker can satisfy the requirements of knocking white and red eggs. The egg juice yield is not less than 85%. The success rate of catching eggs with claws is not less than 99%.

After knocking eggs, the eggshell stays at least 5 seconds above the eggshell collection tray to ensure that the liquid enters the collection tray to the maximum extent. Egg breaker and egg liquid collecting device are exposed in space for easy cleaning.

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