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7 Kinds of Labels on Egg Cartons

Date:2021-3-1      Author:Egg washing machine

When buying eggs, you often see the label on the egg carton, but you don’t know what it means? This article will take you to know the meaning of the 7 main types of labels on the egg carton.

Egg box label meaning

The first label: Omega-3 Enriched

Eggs laid by hens fed with flax, algae, or fish oil, which are rich in fatty acids, are added to the feed. But nutrition experts say: If you want to consume more omega-3, it is best to eat more fish and various nuts. My conclusion is: the so-called eggs will not help you increase omega-3.

The second label: Vegetarian

Feed the chickens with corn and soybeans instead of animal protein. But hens have the instinct to find insects to eat. Doesn’t this imply that hens are raised in chicken coops?

The third label: Cage-Free

It sounds like there is no chicken coop, but these hens can be kept in crowded places like people in the subway. So far, there is no stipulation on what cage-free is.

The fourth label: Free-Range

This label is stipulated. The definition is cage-free and the chicken farm has a door to connect with the outside world. As long as the hens are willing, they can stroll outside at any time.

The fifth label: Pasture-Raised

Raised in the pasture. There is no official regulation for this kind of label, but some still indicate under this label: “Certified Humane” means approved by the humanitarian organization. According to the regulations of the humanitarian organization, the hens are allowed to stay in the 108 square foot ranch for a while.

The sixth label: CA SEFS Compliant

This is a law passed by California residents and passed in January this year. The chicken farm should give the hens enough space so that they will not touch other hens when they lie down, stand, turn around, and stretch their wings. Supervised by a special inspector, if there is a violation, a misdemeanor will be sentenced. Eggs laid by hens raised in this way use this label.

The  seventh label: USDA Organic

The regulation is that this kind of eggs comes from cage-free outdoor hens that are not exposed to pesticides, and are strictly supervised by specialized personnel. This is the real value.