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15 Uses for Egg Shells

Date:2021-2-6      Author:Egg washing machine

When we eat eggs, we often throw away the eggshells. In fact, eggshells have a wide range of uses. Today, I will share 30 uses of eggshells.

Egg Shells

1. Kill ants and other insects

After burning the eggshells into micro-focus, grind them into powder, and the corners can kill insects such as ants.

2. Making small crafts

You can use eggshells to make small crafts, such as eggshell wax.

3. Relieve stomach pain

Wash the eggshells, chop them, put them in a pot, simmer over low heat (not fried), and then grind them into powder. The thinner the better, the amount of eggshells per day is divided into 2 to 3 times before meals. Or take water after meals. For patients with duodenal ulcers, stomach pain, and hyperacidity, it has the effect of relieving pain and acid.

4. Cleaning the glass bottle

Put some broken eggshells in a small glass bottle with dirty grease, fill it with water, and leave it for 1 to 2 days. It can be shaken several times in the middle, and the grease will fall off by itself. If the grease is not serious, put some broken eggshells into the bottle, add half a bottle of water, cover the mouth of the bottle with your hands, and shake it several times to make the bottle clean.

5. Make an emergency funnel

To put the oil in the bottle, the funnel is temporarily not found, you can use eggshell instead. Wash the eggshell and make a small hole at one end to become a small funnel.

6. Beauty and skin

Collect the egg whites in the eggshells, add a teaspoon of milk powder and honey, and mix into a paste. After washing your face at night, apply the prepared egg paste on your face. After 30 minutes, wash it off, facial muscles are smooth and smooth.

Carefully peel off the film of the inner layer of the eggshell and stick it on the nose, then tear it off when it dries. This is a good way to get blackheads.

7. Treat children with rickets

The eggshell contains more than 90% calcium carbonate, a little sodium carbonate, hydrogen phosphate, and other substances, crushed to oral administration, can cure infantile rickets.

8. Anti-inflammatory, relieve pain, heal burns

Inside the eggshell, there is a thin egg membrane. When a certain part of the body is burned, you can gently beat the egg, peel off the egg membrane, and apply it to the wound. After about 10 days, the wound will heal. It also treats wounds and anti-inflammatory by grinding the shell with eggshells.

9. Cook rice with calcium

After washing the eggshell, burn it into a pan with low heat, then grind it into a powder, stir it into the rice to cook the rice, that is, calcium rice, which is beneficial to people with calcium deficiency and normal people.

10. Descale

A kettle with boiling water has a thick layer of scale, which is difficult to remove. Use it to boil the eggshell twice, then remove it all.

11. Clean ceramic utensils, glass furniture

Soaking fresh eggshells in water will produce a mixture of protein and water. Wipe glass or furniture to increase gloss.

Grind eggshells into minced meat, you can use it instead of decontamination powder to clean ceramic utensils, the effect is better than soap.

12. Make coffee

When making coffee, add some eggshells (about two cups of coffee plus half an eggshell) to make the coffee clear and sweet.

13. Black after a fried food

After frying food oil is used many times, the oil will turn black. A small piece of eggshell can be put into the fuel tank. The eggshell will absorb the carbon particles falling in the oil, making the oil clear.

14. Wash clothes

Chop the eggshells, place them in a thin cloth bag, place them in a basin, and soak them in hot water for about 5 minutes. Then use this kind of water to wash clothes, you can wash your clothes especially white. Generally, 5 eggshells of water can wash 7 to 8 pieces of clothing.

15. Solve calcium deficiency in poultry and livestock

The eggshells are roasted and ground to the end and mixed in the feed to prevent calcium deficiency in poultry and livestock.

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